About Flightcell

Flightcell are Pioneers in Airborne Communications

Inventor of the world’s first cellphone to headset interface

In 1995, frustrated that he could not use his cellphone while flying, New Zealand pilot John Wyllie developed a device he called 'Flightcell' - the world’s first cellphone to headset interface. Interest in his product was immediate, so John took his invention to the world and has since been at the forefront of aviation communications integration technology, developing the Flightcell Pro and Flightcell DZM systems.

Today there are over 3500 Flightcell systems in service worldwide, and Flightcell supply numerous high profile customers - such as the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, California Highway Patrol, LA Sheriffs Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, Royal Flying Doctors, Colombian Airforce and the U.S. Department of State - with mission critical cellular and satellite communication and aircraft tracking systems.


Key contacts at Flightcell International

North American and New Zealand sales enquiries  

 For sales enquiries from USA, Canada and New Zealand, please contact John Wyllie.

John Wyllie
President / CEO
Phone: +64 3 545 8651


Dealer enquiries and Asia, South and North American sales  

 For dealer, partner and distribution enquiries, product pricing quotes, and sales  enquiries from South America, Japan, Korea and China, please contact Hamish Neill.

Hamish Neill 
Vice president
Phone: 64 3 545 8651


Australia, Africa and Europe sales  

 For sales enquiries from Australia, Africa and Europe, please contact James Mace.

James Mace 
Vice president 
Phone: +64 3 545 8651


Tech support, avionics and installation enquiries  

 Comprehensive technical information is available to download from our support page.  For all other enquiries, please contact Tech Support.

Technical support  
Phone: +64 3 545 8651


OEM Partners


Members of


The Flightcell product development timeline

1995   New Zealand pilot, John Wyllie, invents Flightcell cellphone to headset interface.
1996   The first Flightcell interface is sold.
1998   Flightcell Mk2 version released.
1999   Flightcell Mk3 export version released.
2000   Flightcell Mk4 micro-controller version released.
2001   Flightcell Mk5 version released.
2003   Contract to supply US Air Force AMC - 900 aircraft.
2003   Flightcell Pro LCD (version 6) released.
2004   US Army procures Flightcell Pro for Air National Guard units to cover communications to Antarctica up to the point of no return.
2005   Urgent response order from US Army for Hurricane Katrina - 60 aircraft.
2005   Design begins on Flightcell DZM for Special Ops project.
2006   Flightcell delivers DZM for USAF KC10 Tanker fleet - 60 aircraft.
2007   US Dept. of State Air Wing procures new environmentally sealed DZMs for UH1H airframes in Afghanistan.
2008   Flightcell provides secure tracking services to US Department of State.
2008   DZM2 units released and installed on Rescue Helicopters.
2008   Colombian Air Force receives first delivery of Encrypted DZM2.
2010   US Marine Corps take first delivery of DZM2s for refit of H46 Airframes. DZM2 system passes Mil 704 standard.
2010   US Department of State commence installation of DZM2 into S61 program - up to 115 Aircraft.
2010   Flightcell launch DZM3 with built-in Iridium transceiver.
2011   LA Sherriff's Department selects DZM2 for new AS350 Fleet.
2011   DZM3 gains D0160 F qualification, and DZM2&3 gain NVIS Rating of Mil std 3009.
2012   Flightcell ranked on Deloittes Fast 50 list (33rd fastest growing company in NZ and #262 in Asia Pacific)
2013   Flightcell DZMx launched at HeliExpo Las Vegas.
2013   Flightcell Iridium 9555 satellite phone cradle released
2014   DZMx remote head released
2014   3G & 4G data functionality released
2014   Cabin E phone functionality released
2015   Fire & regional airline application software solutions released
2015   Flightcell Iridium 9575 satellite phone cradle released
2016   Iridium data functionality released
2016   DZMx agriculture solution released
2016   Flightcell win Richard Pearse award for aviation innovation
2016   DZMx Iridium PTT functionality released
2017   ISO 9001:2015 certification achieved
2017   Cellular IP Tracking technology released
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