The world’s only all-in-one satellite and cellular solution for global voice, data and aircraft tracking.

Because we know how valuable your cockpit space is.

We set our design engineers the challenge of fitting a lot of functionality into a very small space.
The results are some very impressive measurements indeed.

Flightcell DZMx dimensions
55mm 2.18" HIGH
125mm 4.95" WIDE
120mm 4.72" DEEP

The world's toughest satcom system

The U.S. Department of Defence demanded toughness, so we build DZMx systems to MILSPEC, designed to withstand extremes of temperature, vibration and impact. DZMx has a super-strong machined alloy faceplate, extruded alloy housing and is DO160G compliant.

Environmentally sealed for a longer life

DZMx is an environmentally sealed unit that meets IP53 and NEMA 3.

Proven in hostile physical environments such as Antarctica and the deserts of Iraq,  DZMx is designed to resist the incursion of salt fog, water, sand and dust.

The compact all-in-one design means cheaper installation

All DZMx's electronics are installed in one compact unit – there’s nothing in the avionics bay, and minimal wiring, which means substantial savings on installation costs.

User-friendly interface

Easy to use, with an intuitive and familiar keypad layout.

  • Soft touch, backlit silicone keypad
  • Miskey prevention guard
  • Convex keys for accurate gloved operation
  • Easy to use LCD menu

Night vision compliant

Both the Keypad and LCD display have night vision compliant back-lighting.

  • NVIS A compliant (MIL3009)
  • NVIS B compliant

Multiple connection options for your devices

DZMx is incredibly versatile, giving you multiple interface and protocol options for connecting your devices:

  • USB plug in port
  • D25 Serial Connectors (male and female)
  • RS232, 432, 485, ARINC 429
  • BNC satellite or cellphone antenna connection
  • TNC GPS antenna connection
  • Ethernet and USB

External SIM card access ports

We've made sure it's easy to access the external SIM card slots in case you change your satellite or cellular network service provider.

DZMx remote head unit

The optional DZMx remote head unit allows full operational functionality from one or multiple remote locations on the aircraft.

The DZMx remote head measures only 22.2mm (0.87 inches) deep, making it ideal for crowded avionics spaces.

More on the Remote Head

Uninterrupted hybrid tracking

Whether you go out of network range, make a call or send data, DZMx keeps tracking by auto-switching to the best available option:

Find out more about DZMx Voice, PTT, Data and Tracking capabilities:

Global in-flight voice comms:
Enable cabin and cockpit voice communications via satellite and cellular networks.
Global one-to-many:
DZMx's new Iridium® PTT capability provides fast, secure global one-to-many comms.
DGPS tracking and events:
Enjoy dual mode uninterrupted satellite and 3G/4G tracking with a provider that you choose.
Send and receive data globally:
Get full global data coverage via Iridium narrowband and 3G/4G broadband networks.